Shatter Resistant Lamps

Protection at an acceptable Cost

flourescent-tube-protectionHolscot can offer FEP coatings to shatterproof your lamps.

From the Offshore Oil Rig to the local Village Petrol Pump, from the largest Supermarket to the smallest Village Shop you can be safe with a Holscot protected lamp.

We offer a fast and flexible and secure coating for your lamps, whether they are UVA, Electronic Fly Killers (EFK’s), UVB, Sun Tan lamps, UVC, Germicidal and all other fluorescent lamps.

Small and large batches of lamps can be protected quickly to meet the demands of our customers, and we pride ourselves on the flexibility of the service offered.

Holscot run dedicated extrusion lines and are large enough to cater for major lamp manufacturers, yet flexible enough to care for small independent requirements. We do not sub-contract our service, we do not “buy-in tubing” like some competitors. We have complete control of our own processes and we are ISO9001 registered.

We specialise in Fluoropolymers (FEP, PFA, EFTE) and have over 40 years experience. We understand  that your confidence in our product is paramount and, with that in mind, we have independent verification that our products comply to I.E.C./BS EN 61549 by the leading authority “The Lighting Industry Association”

shatterproof-lampsWe also supply against scheduled call off orders and will hold a stock of our customer’s covered lamps.

This stockholding is free of charge. We will only ever charge you once the lamps have been despatched so your cash flow is not compromised. It also offers you the facility to meet more urgent customer requests quickly and efficiently.

We use FEP as a material of choice and the thickness is compliant with the “fragment retention lamp standard”.

Please note one thickness does not suit all, which we have demonstrated successfully to those who specify “thinner” coatings. If you are offered coatings less than 0.20mm on T5, 0.25mm on T8 and 0.3mm on T12 you could be putting your safety at risk.

Price is everything we know but the price of failure is not worth contemplating. Is it worth the risk to save a few pence?