FEP Lamp Coating

Lamp Coating in Your Control

The major concerns when buying in protected FEP covered lamps are the logistics of transportation, duplication of product lines (uncoated/coated) and the cost of stockholding especially in fast moving low volume markets. Using Holscot’s range of FEP Heat Shrinkable lamp sleeving can eliminate these problems.


Holscot are pleased to offer Heat Shrinkable Sleeving on continuous reels for T8, T10 & T12 sizes to enable you to coat only the lamps you want when you want them.

Due to the unique properties of FEP this coating will not age, discolour or become brittle. In short it has no “sell by date” as long as it is kept at ambient temperatures – it is heat shrinkable after all!

FEP Heat Shrinkable Tubing (HST) supplied by Holscot can be pulled off a continuous reel and cut to size – thereby eliminating offcut waste.

We have developed the manufacturing process such that it is fully automated from the extrusion line and offers the “best value for money” for distributors, stockists, and large users of lamps to be able to cover their requirements.

It also offers an acceptable cost for customers when long distances prohibit the shipping backwards and forwards of heavy, expensive lamps.

The process of shrinking and covering using HST material is simple. The coating can be applied by unskilled personnel after only a little training.

lamp-protectionWe can offer complete bespoke solutions using hot air and/or steam and we can train your personnel on site quickly and effectively.

We also offer T5 FEP material specifically cut to lengths, (the coil radius means this is a higher quality product if supplied in this manner)

FEP Envelope pockets can also be provided – pre welded to simply pull on, shrink and fit for the ultimate ease of use.

Benefits – added profit, increased value, maximum flexibility.

  • The cost of lamps coated in house can be cheaper than lamps purchased coated.
  • You control the base lamp – any brand, size, colourway can be bought at whatever “special offer” price is currently available in the market place.
  • You control your labour cost. To coat the lamps with Holscot FEP HST is a quick, simple & safe process.
  • You control your Stocking Costs – duplicated lamp stocking is avoided.
  • You reduce the nightmare of logistics – lamps do not have to be sent to coaters.
  • You only coat lamps for known orders and call-offs, FEP HST on a coil (200m for T8, 125m for T12) is space efficient and light enough to be handled by a single operative. The coils are long enough to solve the offcut problem of “bits of scrap everywhere”.
  • You are not waiting for lamps to be coated and returned, your deliveries and destiny in in your own hands.
  • Transportation costs are kept to a minimum.
  • lamp-protection-steam-ovenLamps can be branded by your own labels – giving you control over repeat business by keeping your name at the forefront of the customer and his staff. Many also use this facility for putting a “replace by” date on UV lighting as it is recommended by the manufacturers of insect killers than the tubes are replaced every twelve months. More “on time” replacement can equal more orders and more profits. Loyalty to brand is enhanced.
  • Minimal set up cost, please ask for details.