Holscot FEP Lamp Protection

Holscot Fluoroplastics specialise in providing solutions for protecting fluorescent lamps with UV stable coatings that ensure Fragment Retention to IEC 61549 (the industry standard)

We have been providing this service since the 1990’s through unique in-house cost effective patented processes. Our coatings and shatter proofing solutions have been successfully used in the marketplace for over twenty years.

FEP (Fluoro Ethylene Propylene) is the material of choice as it has an operating temperature of 204oC, it is UV stable and also Food Approved.



Initially provided as a solution for Germicidal and Purification use, FEP was quickly deemed suitable for UV lamps in electronic fly killers where other plastics degraded under the harsh conditions.

In addition FEP is now the standard approved material for white/daylight bulbs allowing a 99.7% colour rendition (as tested by a leading fluorescent light manufacturer).

FEP is the ultimate coating material; it retains glass fragments even at the end of its life as required by I.E.C. 61549. It does not discolour or degrade even under the toughest UV conditions. It really is a case of “fit and forget”

A recognised and independently tested safety solution that ensures compliance to approved international  standards.

Typical areas that benefit from Lamp Protection include:

  • Food Industry (processing/manufacturing/retail)
  • Factories and Offices
  • Ultra Clean Environments (Pharmaceutical/Scientific/Clean Rooms)
  • Schools and Colleges
  • Public spaces, Bandstands, Atriums
  • Hotels, Restaurants, Café’s, Bistro’s, Deli’s
  • Warehousing and storage
  • Food preparation and display areas
  • Supermarkets, Village Shops
  • Bakeries, Butchers, Fishmongers
  • Medical centres, Dentists and hospitals
  • Leisure centres and swimming pools
  • Agricultural Industry, Poultry Farms, Growers, Stables and Liveries

Holscot provide solutions to cover virtually all lamp configurations, (straight, compact, circline and U-bend styles) we can cover PLL’s CFL’s GU’s and offer bespoke covers for Floodlights, Induction Lights and other styles on request.

Services we offer:

  • Shatter-resistant coating service for free issue lamps to IEC 61549
  • Shatter-resistant coatings for non linear lamps
  • FEP Heat Shrinkable Tubing to fit at your premises for linear lamps
  • FEP Envelope Covers to fit Compact Fluorescents (CFL’s)
  • Machinery to assist the fitting of FEP materials in a speedy and efficient manner.

FEP Lamp Protection